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1 out of 10 dogs finds a forever home…how can we save the homeless?

Pitbull & Puppy Abused by Little Girl in Atlanta

Posted by la reina de chanclas on September 10, 2007

This video is making it’s way over the internet. Attached is the message that was sent along with it. It’s so disturbing
to me. Those poor dogs. I know we can’t save every animal in this world, but we can sure try. There are so many people trying to make a difference. There’s an entire network on dog rescues.

It’s a shame that this child has learned such behavior and that nothing has been done about it. The poor mother just cowers there in fear and the puppies with their bloated bellies. It makes me sick. It’s disgusting.

I hope that by giving this information to your some attention can be brought to this matter and something can be
done for the well being of these puppies and mother.

As a former resident of Atlanta, I urge you to please make this matter known before it’s too late. These animals do not deserve such cruel treatment.

Thank you for your time

here is the message:

Call Fulton County and demand they investigate this NOW!.This bia needs to be stopped and fast!!!PlLz Repost

Young girl in Atlanta Abusing Pit Bulls Recorded 9/7/07

I video taped this young girl abusing Pit Bulls in Atlanta. Fulton county animal/ Humane Society will do nothing. I called them numerous times over the last few weeks, but that was before I shot this video. Maybe this will spur some action. This video was shot two days ago in the old 4th ward. I have other videos of this girl and her mother abusing the dogs. Besids the physical abuse, the puppies have not seen a vet since birth and as you can tell they have worms as evidenced by their bloated distended tummies. If you can help to save these dogs please email me. They have been kept outside all summer in the crae in the video. Seven puppies and the mother all crammed into one crate, even on 100+ degree days.


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