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My Letter To Georgia’s Governor

Posted by la reina de chanclas on January 26, 2008

As a former constituent of the state of Georgia I am appalled at the barbaric manner in which animals are euthanized. Spaulding County Animal Shelter, along with Athens and Barrow County have the highest turn over rate of animals I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as if it’s purposely done. These animals are dying senseless, painful deaths. The fact that the gas chamber is grandfathered in and the law protects it is absolutely disgusting. What about animals rights and protection for them? What about the owners who lose them, abuse them, or just don’t want them anymore? How are the animals protected? It’s a sad world when an animal is given up by it’s owner and then killed that same day because of overcrowding. Why gas? Why even kill at all? There should be enough revenue to go around to support these animals and find them loving homes where they can grow old and die peacefully. Not die trying to claw their way out of a metal box while their bodies jerk and twist because of the poison being forced on them.

So as a government official I hope that you have it in your heart to make a difference for these animals because they don’t have a voice. They can’t speak for themselves. The gas/murder chamber is not the answer. Euthanization shouldn’t be the answer either, but if it has to be that way, atleast make it easier for these animals. Make it less painful. They didn’t ask to be brought into this world and they certainly didn’t ask to be killed.


make your voice heard and help these animals, write the governor —> http://gov.georgia.gov/00/gov/contact_us/0,2657,78006749_94820188,00.html

or give his office a call 404-656-1776


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