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Pit Bulls, the side you don’t see

Posted by la reina de chanclas on February 5, 2008


One Response to “Pit Bulls, the side you don’t see”

  1. Danielle Roberts said

    Everytime I see an abused animal story, or a video like this, It makes me cry I just dont get why people, no how, people can do tehse thigns to a poor animal, I look at my dog, a pure bred boxer, and I cant imagine hurting him, and I just dont see how society today can be so screwed up as to do this to an animal who has no choice, who cant fight for themselves, and here people are fighting them, to the death. Killing dogs that have done nothing to them, dogs that are simply mis read, miss understood, and are incredibly stereotyped. Yes some pitbulls are vicious and can harm you, but that is the breeders fault, that is the doing of teh man who trained that animal, not the animals. Why do we continue to punish an animal that only does what its told, and work towards your love . I just dont get it. Something needs to be done, and people need to start opening their eyes, its not the breeds fault its the people who train them to be teh way people see them in teh media. I BLAME THEM! I am all up for harsher punishment for animal abuse! A life is a life, human or canine, male or female. Put those bastards in jail, and dont let them out!

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