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Posted by la reina de chanclas on April 3, 2008

I really hate the media sometimes I really do. I was at work today. I had the girls with me, Darla a red nose pit pup who is 8 months old and Lottie a pittie mix who is 9 months old. A man who was obviously going the same place I was going stopped and looked at me then looked at them. He speaks up and says, “are those pitbulls?” I said well this one is a mix and this one is full blooded. He didn’t say anything he just stood there. I told him they are lovers not fighters, that they think everyone is supposed to love them. He said yeah but their breed is bad. I said it’s all in how you raise them. He stayed away until I got to where I was going.

You know he wouldn’t even know what a “pitbull” was if it wasn’t for it being plastered all over the news. You know? grrrrr it just gets under my skin.

My mom had Darla with her one day and got into it about pitbulls this and that with a woman. The woman said what does she eat? “here’s your sign” my mom said, “small children but she hasn’t had one today.” I mean come on seriously. She’s a dog, she eats DOG food.

So I’m attaching pictures of Darla and Lottie, tell me, do they look like baby killers to you? You can’t stereotype them because of their breed. That’s like saying one race is smarter than another and certain races are more dangerous than another. You can’t judge everyone by one persons actions. You can’t judge every pitbull by another’s actions or what they were taught.

This is Darla JaneDarla Jane

This is Lottie Joy

Lottie Joy


One Response to “Stereotypes”

  1. sahara said

    OHHH, I could just kiss that face!

    It’s amazing how people react to stereotypes. My dog Della, The Wonder Pit, has a wardrobe of sweaters, as I love to knit for her. I live in a neighborhood where there are a number of APBT owners; many ornament their dogs to look fearsome. Folks give me a wide berth when her and I are on the street, often glaring at me, and all she’s wearing is a pink glitter collar. But the minute I put her sweater on her (you can see it on my blog pic of her), folks act as if she’s a different dog! When I tell them she’s a full-blooded pit, they look at me in disbelief. So I ask them if they are a human-being, and when they say “of course”, Della and I give them a wide berth.

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