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Pitbulls being banned

Posted by la reina de chanclas on May 16, 2008

I’m jumping on my soap box here for a minute because I am so angry at the ignorance of the public eye that I can’t see straight. I just saw something on the local news about a baby being mauled to death by a pitbull and there are so many things that are swirling through my head and the more comments I read on the subject the angrier I get. Here’s the story if you would like to read it http://www.witntv.com/home/headlines/18956729.html

I have pitbulls and at the moment they are my dog of choice. And not because they are a status symbol, but because they are loyal, they are fun, they are friendly, they love people and play with children, they love other animals and not once have any of them bitten someone.

I came across this website http://www.dogsbite.org/ as I was reading through the comments regarding the article and it really got my blood boiling. This statement “Over 150 dog breeds populate the US. Studies show that two breeds account for nearly 70% of bites that end in death and serious injury. We must regulate these breeds or risk the safety of our families and pets.” right there on the top of the page really made me react. Shocking I know. I have a few things to say about that.

1. there might be two breeds that dominate that study but how many reports have you heard regarding other breeds biting and attacking? NONE and why is that? Because pitbulls are so bad and should be outlawed <— insert sarcasm here.

2. the breeds should not be regulated but the owners should. The owners should be held accountable for their pets and their actions.

Anyone ever watched the dog whisperer? I love that show and you know what? I think that Cesar really makes sense and he truly does help explain the way dogs behave.

I feel that the people wanting to ban pitbulls and the long list of other breeds have either 1. never owned one of these dogs or 2. are so worked up by the media reporting that they believe everything they see and hear.

Truthfully it wouldn’t be the first time that the public has been influenced and “brainwashed” so to speak about certain things. It is quite easy in this country and in this time to create a sense of panic among people. You know what I mean? Like the war, illegal immigrants, bipolar disorder, adhd…well you get the point. It seems now a days everyone is either bipolar or has adhd. The question is this…have the so called doctors making this diagnosis ever stopped for one second to think that people are stressed and consumed by their schedules that they just can’t concentrate for long periods of time and sometimes they just have enough and they snap. Just because a person is busy doesn’t mean they have adhd.

Get my point? All I’m saying is that the media plays a HUGE role in creating hysteria in regards to all these things. And what’s crazy is that the broadcasts are government regulated and the government hasn’t said squat about it or done anything to change it. I also think that sometimes news stations look for the worst stories and never even think about finding something positive to broadcast.

Back to pitbulls it’s a real shame to think that such a beautiful animal can be done away with because of other peoples ignorance.


My heart goes out to the family that lost their child. May God be with them.


6 Responses to “Pitbulls being banned”

  1. Jake Jones said

    Hello mate, what theme is your site using? It’s incredible

  2. Hey, great blog!. How do I subscribe to your RSS feed to ensure I get notifed when you make new posts? Thank you

  3. Ann said

    I agree with you completely. I’m all for stricter regulation or something when it comes to pets in terms of ownership and breeding – but then again I volunteer at an animal shelter.

  4. The problem with punishing the owner of the pitbull is that we do that after some dreadful and perhaps even fatal attack has already happened. Now, true, most of the time pitbulls (and other powerful or large breeds) who attack do so because of stupid, inept, or evil owners. I can hear the argument coming that harsher penalties will prevent these attacks. I can’t deny they will stop SOME attacks, but I’m sure it’ll be very very few. Why, because if you look at the degree to which laws in general keep stupid, inept, and evil people from being stupid, inept, or evil you’ll have to admit that on the whole that approach doesn’t work. Could we demand that every owner be licensed and be allowed to own large or powerful dogs only after passing a psychological and intelligence testing? We could but that will never happen. The only real solution, banning all large or powerful dogs will also never happen. Dog owners simply value owning their dogs so much that they are willing to let the bad owners keep theirs. We just love our own dogs more than we love the children and elderly people who are the most likely victims. I know this is hard to hear, but it’s the truth.

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