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Pictures of Gage

Posted by la reina de chanclas on July 11, 2008

Thanks to my new found friend Sherry I have pictures of Gage to post. Look at that sweet face and tell me how such a horrific thing could have happened to him.

I’ll keep everyone posted Justice For Gage is organizing a walk I’ll have more info soon. Until then please keep this family in your prayers and hope that they find JUSTICE FOR GAGE.


3 Responses to “Pictures of Gage”

  1. Tella said

    thats so sad. 😦
    i have 4 pitbulls myself and im going to court tonight for them.
    beacuse someone broke into my house when we were away and let them out.
    and my neighbore called the dog warden.
    and i was looking for information so i didnt have to put them to sleep. :[
    knytro is a blue eyed blue pit he’s gorgeous, & cypress is a blue pit with brown eyes , mercadez or we like to call her moomoo because she looks like a cow is white with brindle spots, an divy looks like your dog gage with her ears and tail cut.
    im so sick of people saying there mean or visious.
    there not! im 13 my little sisters 10 and 2 of those dogs are ours they haven’t ever growled aat us.
    well i hope you find justice for Gage.
    Good luck.


  2. Fran Coughlin said

    I feel for little Tella and all the other small chidren whose “best friends” have been snatched away from them by a mean, vicious, unjust, intolerable, discrimatory ban. Michael Bryant, and those like him, should be forced to sit by their beds at night and watch them suffer through their incredible loss. Since when is discrimating based on looks, banning, killing and the cleansing of a type of dog right? It is not and never will be. So many thousands paying for the few.

  3. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for posting everything that you have about Gage and his story…I’d like to let you also know that “The Gage Foundation” is now official..We’ve received all our tax information and we are a full fledged Organization and we have so many things that we as an Organization want to accomplish..We begin our fight by looking at each and every states Animal Cruelty Laws (paying special attention to the wording, or lack of wording) as we learned through the fight for Justice for Gage’s death that Louisiana’s Cruelty Law did not include the word “DEATH” in the Felony Law..I still find it so hard to believe that had Gage lived, Ray Stanfill would have received 10 years in jail but because of “Death” not being including in their Felony Cruelty Law, he was only able to be charged with a Misdemeanor which fortunately the Judge gave him the maximum allowed under the Misdemeanor punishment and he (the Judge) made it very clear in court that he deserved much much worse but the law would only allow him to hand down the sentence that he did. So…our biggest mission is to fight for stiffer penalties and sentences for animal abusers and we are taking it one State at a time..This is going to be a long fight and we realize this but these precious animals have no one to speak for them except us (humans) and Gage has given us the strength and determination to fight this fight for as long as it takes…

    You can keep up with all updates on our website http://www.justiceforgage.com

    Thank you so very much for your support!!!!

    Sherry Kidwell
    Secretary of The Gage Foundation

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