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Justice For Gage

Posted by la reina de chanclas on August 23, 2008

Well it was quicker than I thought but the court date for Gage is Monday 8/25/2008. For all updates check http://www.justiceforgage.com

here’s a message from Sherry:

Hi all myspace friends…Gage’s trial date is finally HERE….This Monday 8/25/08 Gage’s killer will face charges of “Aggravated Felony Animal Abuse” for the shooting death of Gage on 3/12/08.

I have created a Graphic( which is below) and am asking from my heart:

Will you please change your profile picture (to the one below) starting today to show your support…For Gage and all victims of animal cruelty….If you would please leave the photo up through the courtdate I would be so thankful and we will post an updated bulletin once the decision is handed down..

Please keep Gage’s family in your prayers as Monday nears. Pray that Mr. Stanfill receive the maximum penalty for this horrific act of animal cruelty (MURDER)…

I and Gage’s family thank you so much for all your continued support….It has been a very rough 5 months for them and to me there isn’t any form of punishment that could be harsh enough for what this man has done to this family…He took a very precious family member from them. Gage was a son, a brother and a friend to so mny and I wish everyday that I had the power to bring Gage back to this wonderful family but we all know that is not possible. So, we fight in Gage’s honor and memory..We fight for the life that no one had the right to take away…And we forever hold Gage in our hearts, for when it is all said and done, no one can take away the memories..Not even Ray Stanfill!!!!

If anyone needs the code for the photo, please message me…

Thank you very much….

Sherry Kidwell

www. justiceforgage. com


Secretary of “The Gage Foundation”

Justice For Gage

Justice For Gage


One Response to “Justice For Gage”

  1. Thank you for keeping us updated on this cruelty case! I read Gage’s story when it first happened and have had an
    “in memory” for Gage ever since on my page in myspace. Guilty, may Mr. Stanfill do the max! R.I.P sweet Gage!

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