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Posted by la reina de chanclas on September 9, 2008

Hey everybody, there was supposed to be a walk for Gage in Virginia. But since his killer is being sentenced in September it has been changed. No date has been set yet, but there is something fun to do in the meantime. Here’s a message from Sherry. Hopefully I will see you all at Howl-O-Ween!!!!!


Check out http://www.justiceforgage.com


The Virginia Walk for Gage that was scheduled for September 27, 2008 is cancelled.

As everyone knows, Gage’s killer was found Guilty. (YEAH!) I’m still celebrating!! Doing the “VICTORY DANCE“…

Ok..back to the walk....Gage’s Murderer’s sentencing date is so close to the scheduled Walk date that it is impossible for Gage’s family and other attendees (from Louisiana and Mississippi) to be able to make it as they are over 1,000 miles...SO:

The event for Virginia is going to be rescheduled however it will be held in North Carolina...I have had several people contact me in the Winston Salem, Burlington areas who are interested in helping me put together a Walk in NC…

The Walk will be rescheuled and posted once we narrow down a park and a date...It will most definetely be after the Sentencing Trial. I will be working around Gage’s family’s schedule as they will be attending (I CAN”T WAIT TO HUG MY SHANA).

I would
like to let everyone know that I have been invited by the Animal Protection Society to attend their first Annual HOWL-O-WEEN event scheduled for October 25th...They are offering me a “free booth” and I am so excited...I have met a wonderful person Lynette (here on myspace) who I will be staying with that weekend and she will be with me in the booth that day..I will be there as as representative of “The Gage Foundation– Taking a Stand Against Animal Cruelty”, sharing Gage’s story, selling the Walk For Gage t-shirts and handing out pitbull information pamplets (which we are in the process of having produced)...as well as business cards!!!

This is going to be an awesome event and I encourage anyone in the NC area to please come out...I am so looking forward to meeting lots of beautiful pitbulls, making some new friends and sharing Gage’s Victory with everyone...If you are able to make it please be sure to find my booth– I will be proudly wearing my Orange WALK FOR GAGE t-shirt...The t-shirt that I wear every where I go (don’t worry people- I have 4 of these shirts so I’m not wearing the same one day after day...LOL

If anyone is interested in helping, please message me...If you are able to attend please message me cause I would love to meet you....You know..the put a FACE to the name thing….

Below is the information on this event….

Supporting Organizations

Phoenix Rising Pit Bull Rescue
Little Empire Pit Bull Rescue
Fugee’s Pit Bull Rescue
Mid-Atlantic Great Dane
Rescue League
Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue
North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue
Justice4Gage- “The Gage Foundation-
Taking a Stand Against Animal Cruelty”

Here’s the link to the page where you can find out more information:

http://www. animalprotectionsociety. org/events/pitbulldayevent. shtml

Thank you so much….I hope to see alot of you there!!!!
I’ll be posting this as a seperate bulletin as well as on MYSPACE…If you could please repost for me I would AGAIN be so appreciative…..

www. justiceforgage. com
“The Gage Foundation- Taking a Stand Against Animal Cruelty”


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