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The Sentencing

Posted by la reina de chanclas on September 30, 2008

So this is it…..here’s the sentence as follows

1) 6 Months Jailtime Suspened (see #2)
2) Ordered to 180 Consecutive days (8 hour days) of community
Service at the Bossier County Animal Control Center
3) 2 Years Active Probation
4) He can not commit any criminal acts in the future
5) Ordered to pay $1,000 + Court Cost to Courts
6) Ordered to pay Gage’s Family $1,000 (the maximum allowed)
7) Ordered to pay his probabation officer $55.
00 a month for the
entire 2 years that he is on probation

the best part is the entire community service will be performed at the local animal shelter and since the killer obviously hates animals this should be well worth it.

Hope he enjoys cleaning up crap every day.

It’s time to start making changes. Let this be an example of that killing/harming an animal will NOT be tolerated.



One Response to “The Sentencing”

  1. Hi, My name Sherry Kidwell (recently married) ..Formerly “Wells”….(So glad to get rid of that last name and the MAN that went with it…)

    I would first like to thank you for keeping up with and supporting us in our fight for Justice for Gage..Its been a very long day coming….(The above posting was the one that i made as soon as I hung up with Shana from the Courthouse and got the rundown on Gage’s killers Sentencing..This case has and is a very big part of my life, as well as Gage and his awesome family…I love them as if I were a part of their family…I spent/ and will continue to spend countless hours working with Gage’s family as we begin our fight to get the Animal Cruelty Laws in each state looked at, reviewed and changed…In Gage’s name and the thousands upon thousands of innocent animals who have suffered cruelty at the hands of a ignorant, heartless human. Gage’s death has opened our eyes that this happens every single day and so many people are now reaching out to us “Where can we go to find help”…”Can you please help us and send us in the right direction because our dog was shot and killed last month and no one in our County cares.” This is just 2 examples of the many emails we get…It is beyond heartbreak when reading their stories…

    It is one of our missions through “The Gage Foundation” to be able to help those people who have no idea who to turn to..The most important mission for us is to look at each States Animal Cruelty Laws and if they are in any likeness to the ones in Louisiana then we will begin our fight to get those laws changed..Our animals don’t have a voice except for us…Without us (that includes you who are reading this also) this madness, crazyness and horrific animal abuse will never be stopped..We know it is not an overnight fix to this problem..It has taken years for things to get as bad as they are..We are walking into this with open eyes, feet planted and ready to fight in any way deemeed necessary for these innocent victims.

    You will see alot of Gage’s posting made by me as I was asked by Gage’s family if I would be the Secretary of “The Gage Foundation”…Tears began to flow and my heart was overwhelmed and of course I said Yes…Yes…I feel very honored (I can’t describe the feeling in my heart) and when asked if I would be the Secretary of “The Gage Foundation”, Shana said that I have a special way of getting stories out to people and that she relies on me for help for anything she has to do on the Gage Foundation…I proudly hold this position, this family and Gage’s Memory near and dear to me…That is why you will see alot of postings being made by me: Sherry Kidwell…And the best thing about that is that you KNOW it is coming straight from the source and all that you read is 100% accurate.

    Basically I am just asking: Please feel free to use any postings that I have made (whether it be on a forum or on myspace etccc)…I always end my postings using my name as well as gage’s website beneath…Please be sure to include that information in your re-posting…

    I hope that I do not offend anyone..I am very grateful for you taking the time to post the sentencing and everything else you have helped on this case….I just ask that you please give credit to the person who writes the blog, posting, photos..etc.I was asked to help with this portion (getting all the newz out as it happens) and there is nothing that I’d rather spend my time doing, however I would like for people to be aware of just how much time, love and heart goes into my postings…And you will not find one posting that has incorrect information as I am in contact with Gage’s family quite a few times a day- ALOT~~ 🙂

    Please Please Please dont be offended by this..This posting is in no way meant to hurt anyones feelings. You can reach me at 2 emails if anyone has any questions about Gage’s case or just wants to chat…

    Myspace address: http://www.myspace.com/kidrockcharmer (I have had this account for many years and
    want so badly to change the kidrockcharmer
    part to Justice4Gage but in myspace you dont
    have that option…And I have wayyyyy to many
    myspace friends to start a new page and in
    honesty, I just dont have any extra time….
    My email addresses:



    And again, thank you for your awesome support.

    Thank you so much,
    Sherry Kidwell

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