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1 out of 10 dogs finds a forever home…how can we save the homeless?

Black Dog Syndrome

Posted by la reina de chanclas on November 23, 2008

I’m posting this message cross posted from happy labs….It’s so sad that this happens, but it does and will continue to. I have a big black dog and I love him to death. I know everyone has a preference I just think it’s sad that we’re open and liberal and we as a society still discriminate this way.

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From: Saving Furry Friends,Incâ„¢
Date: Nov 22, 2008 5:31 PM

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From: Cathy
Date: Nov 22, 2008 1:24 PM

From: Cathy

I think this was beautifully done and shows how “Black Dogs” are the least to ever make it out of a shelter alive!!!Black Dog Syndrome is societies sad judgement of innocent lives who deserves life just like any other breed no matter wut there color is……



Story about each dog pictures

Top Left hand corner – Ginger found at the age of 6 weeks wrapped in a towel in a parking lot. Ginger is now 14 years old and never goes far with her tennis ball.

Top right hand corner – Miss Penny as we called her. On January 4, 2006 while picking up some dogs for a transport up in Northern Indiana a farmer brought this old gal into a very high kill shelter. Said she’d been hanging around his farm and she was old so he wanted her gone. Well, knowing what would happen Mike and I brought her home. Vet thought she was around 12 years old. She was a sassy ole gal…took nothing from the younger dogs at all.
Badly tartar teeth, eyesight starting to fail, hard of hearing, her hind legs could barely carry her body weight, but full of love

Miss Penny crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 29, 2007 at the age of 13 years old.

Bottom left hand corner – first picture – Sasha – our devil dog
Sasha was picked up as a stray and taken to our local shelter. I fell in love with that face. Agreed to foster her for just little while but she was “the perfect dog” (ya right) that I wanted to go ahead and adopt her before someone came along and took her away from us.

That is when the trouble started. Sasha has ate everything in our house but the ceiling fans and she has yet to decide how to get to them.

Then one day the young dare devil got into some prescriptions drugs. Not just little but took almost 80 pills from 3 different prescriptions bottles. Long story short and $3,000.00 later Sasha is 5 years old and still a little devil. Way to smart for her black fur but we love her dearly.

Bottom left hand corner – second picture – Midnight… beautiful Midnight… everyone knows Midnight. And the yellow lab next to him is Maisie. She came from Arab, AL with Baby Alex, Gina, and Tammy. Maisie had skin issues that was very easy to correct with a good dog food. Maisie have since find her a forever home.

Bottom right first picture – Sam came to us from Vincennes Indiana at the age of 8 months. As a black dog no one was looking at him. But as time went one Sam adopted Mike and now at going on 3 years old Sam goes everywhere Mike goes.
When we all get in the van guess who gets to sit in the back sit all by herself while Sam rides in the front?

Bottom right second picture – Chance 6 years old came to us from Kingston Georgia. He was going to be put down due to aggression. Well aggressive Chance is but I would not take a million dollars that for big black lug. Now 9 years old still aggressive as all get out, I love this dog and he loves me. He has learned I am the boss and does not blink an eye when I tell him to go to his room. Yes Chance has his own bedroom with a full size bed. I can do anything to this dog but touch his fee. They still belongs to him.



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