A Voice For The Innocent

1 out of 10 dogs finds a forever home…how can we save the homeless?

2 Pitbulls Found in Dumpster Behind Paint Shop

Posted by la reina de chanclas on January 13, 2009

The story is below and let me just say that this has heartless all over it. 1. why do they need guns? 2. why do they need pitbulls? If they’re such “men” why not get in the pit and fight to the death between themselves. They’re a bunch of lousy good for nothings who have nothing better to do than kill and abuse harmless animals. Animals who would be loyal to the end. I bet that these dogs no matter the way they were treated, they were probably still wagging their tails as these heartless cowards shot them. When will it be enough? I bet you anything that these dogs were stolen from somebody’s yard or that they were one of those “free to a good home ads” on CL. So many desperate people post on their because their landlords find out that they have pitbulls and just “can’t allow them to be there”. So where does that leave the dogs? They leave the comfort of a family and a home and then end up like this? Well enough is enough. This is a breed we need to stand up for not incriminate.

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