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Through the Eyes of a Transporter

Posted by la reina de chanclas on July 1, 2009

I posted about the group HelpSaveOne.org and the animals on death row that they do their best to save. I was forwarded this in an email and it touched my heart so I just wanted to share it with everyone because there are so many people no involved in the rescue process that think “it’s just a job”. What they don’t seem to realize is the tug of the heart string and the emotional wreckage that comes out of leaving animals behind knowing that their will be death and not that “happy ending” everyone wants to believe.

From Marissa Stracaluzi
I just received this from transport (Throw Away Pups) and she wrote this after leaving the shelters tonight.

Through the Eyes of a Transporter
By Brandy Barnes
Throw Away Pups

The endless phone calls, the multiple emails, pulled in many directions, time restraints and pressures, to know so many animals depend on you.

To drive to the hell holes of the “land of free” more like the land of euthanasia.

To walk up and down the halls, 100’s of dogs looking at me “are you here for me?”

Having to tell so many of them sorry, I stop and pet each one, some of them tug so deeply at my heart, that I call many of my rescue friends to beg them for room, and when I have to leave them behind I cry and tell them I will try for next time, most of the time there is no next time, the ones that make the ride show there appreciation in their eyes and with lots of kisses.

This is for ones I leave behind I AM SORRY.

For those who ask what time will I be there, I will get there when I get there, I have so many to say goodbye to.


5 Responses to “Through the Eyes of a Transporter”

  1. southerndogrescue said

    This organization is a scam! The dogs they say they’ve pulled (per their own website) are still here in DR! Look on petfinder in southern cities and you’ll see the photos of these very dogs!
    They fees to ‘adopt’ are $400!
    How horrible!
    If you would like a vaccinated, altered and vetted animal from our high-kill southern shelters for $45-$70 you may contact Greenville, Chesterfield, Lancaster or Darlington animal control or http://www.noahs-arks.net

  2. That is so not true they are not a scam and they save them and it in the N.C state around there where they gas them And why would say that .
    If more people help out like them that would be one little puppy not been gassed

    how cruel are you people are to try take that one chance away from the animals

    • mary said

      SCAM! Liar!! Marissa has told XXX she would have a transport come pick up dogs that have been sitting at a local for a month and 11 days. FIVE TIMES….five times she lied about picking them up. She said she is having transport problems, If we didn’t have to deal with this organization, some of those dogs would already have homes. One of the dogs was adopted out and Marrissa didn’t seem to care.

      The dogs are sick and skinny. You’ve got to be stupid to deal with helpsaveone!!!

    • brenda said

      currently fostering a dog for helpsaveone.org…….wondering what is going on. They have given me all the paperwork on the dog, they seem to have spent over $500 on her vet care, transported her all the way to me in VT. at their expense, but I have not recieved any fostering funds, and there is no way to reach them except email which they do not respond to when the matter of money is brought up.
      Are they legitimate? Why would they spend so much money on these dogs if they were a scam?


      • la reina de chanclas said

        Brenda I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble. I’m not sure what is going on. I just posted the poem because I thought it said so much. I don’t work for them or with them. I know they have a website and they have facebook have you tried both of those to see if you can get a response? Good luck. I really don’t know what else to do. As far as I know they are legitimate but the consensus is 50/50 on that I guess because some people love the work and help they do and others call them out. If you want the facebook link let me know. I would think that if they spent so much money on the animals to pull them, transport them and everything else then they must actually care.

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