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Boost the Boxer Rest in Peace Sweet One

Posted by la reina de chanclas on July 14, 2009

So a friend of mine passed on this story to me. It’s about Boost, a Boxer who got out of his fenced in yard during the day and roamed. The neighbors didn’t know whose dog he was and picked him up and took him to the animal shelter. Long story short it was a kill shelter. The staff lied and said Boost was aggressive and had to be euthanized. So in the time that the neighbors turned him in and the owner called the shelter to see if he had been picked up the shelter staff KILLED him and then showed no compassion toward the owner or toward Boost. Then to top it off they lied lied and lied. But, the cameras don’t lie and there is proof that Boost, God rest his soul, was anything but aggressive.

So please view the links and watch the videos and see for yourself and form your own opinion. But as for me, I believe that something aside from a slap on the wrist should be done and justice should be served. I also wish that people could show more compassion. And last but certainly not least, I wish and pray that kill shelters didn’t have to exist. Too many innocent animals die for so many reasons.

But please see Boost for yourself. Rest in peace sweet boy.




One Response to “Boost the Boxer Rest in Peace Sweet One”

  1. boxer said

    what a tragic story..

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