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1 out of 10 dogs finds a forever home…how can we save the homeless?

2 abused St Bernards Johnstown, PA

Posted by la reina de chanclas on August 2, 2009

I give huge props to Dogs Deserve Better Tammy Grimes. She is included in the story of Doogie, a dog she was called to check on only to find that the dog couldn’t even walk. Emotions took over and she took the dog to save it. Long story short she was made out to be the bad guy for “stealing” the dog. She saved him. Evidently there seems to be miscommunication and many crooked people involved in animal welfare in PA.

Her newest attempt, she tried to save these two saint bernards and another dog the RIGHT way, the way she was told to do so by the judge and the police and what happened? One dog died, another disappears, the “owner” walks away free without incident and the dogs suffer and no one gives a shit.

Check out her findings, including video proof of what is going on in her crooked little town. The owner was tipped off. JERKS!!!!!

This totally breaks my heart. As a society we should be able to do something to save these animals and the real abusers should be punished. Instead, those trying to save the animals and give them help are the ones criticized and pushed aside while the animals suffer more.

More power to you Ms Grimes, dogs do deserve better and you have my full and total support to save them all!

If you want to file a complaint or express your feelings about this or other situations here’s the numbers to call:

West Hills Police Department 814.255.4145
Cambria Humane Society 814.535.6116
Mark Miller (Dog Warden) 814.623.3945

Let’s hope there is enough noise made that this doesn’t happen again.



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