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Animals In High Point NC have NO rights

Posted by la reina de chanclas on August 6, 2009

You want to know what really pisses me off? The fact that law enforcement was shown proof of animal abuse and they did absolutely NOTHING about it. Then when they finally made their move they arrest the wrong guy. WTF?????? The sad part is God only knows what happened to this terrified pit bull who has ultimately been given a bad name because of his breed and what’s worse is the son of a bitch who was hitting him and slamming him and kicking him is probably still out there doing it to other innocent animals. When is it ever going to stop? When will enough be enough? We as a society are supposed to stand up for the innocent, animals and children alike. But why won’t authorities be bothered? I bet if they did get the right guy they could have gotten him for other things too. What a heartless heartless place to be. I hope that pup is no longer suffering at the hands of his cowardly owner. I hope the authorities in High Point WAKE THE **** UP! What is in the proof of the video is NOT RIGHT and NEVER EVER will be.


3 Responses to “Animals In High Point NC have NO rights”

  1. selwyn marock said

    Politicians are becoming more Crooked as if that was possible,Murdering of dogs has become more and more acceptable,as more and more Serious Crime is difficult to contain,so these
    politicos have to be able to justify their useless existence and keep their hands in the proverbial Cookie Jar.I beleive that unless President Obama gets involved Hitler’s BSL is
    going to be a difficult law to defeat.

    • la reina de chanclas said

      It makes perfect sense the way you see it. What really saddens me is that the laws and enforcement of the laws are getting worse and not better and everything from children to animals to the elderly are suffering because of incompetence. I mean really truly what do we have to do to change it?

  2. selwyn marock said

    A New petition on Care2 has been created for poor Bruce and all the other pits in Northern
    Ireland that are being MURDERED by a very sick bunch of authorities.
    Your assistance and support would be very much appreciated,
    Thank you for signing the “Spend No Pounds in NORTHERN IRELAND” petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/spend-no-pounds-in-northern-ireland.


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