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1 out of 10 dogs finds a forever home…how can we save the homeless?

Licking County Dog Pound

Posted by la reina de chanclas on January 1, 2010

I’m reposting this as it was shared with me. Please pass this on and make an effort. Write to the ones in charge. This needs to stop.

Dear Members,

PLease read all the information I have provided for you.

Instructions on how to take immediate action.

Choose whatever action you would like to take.

URGENT! Recent Video’s. Please read. (if you cannot watch them, that’s OK, but please share)

Licking County Dog Pound
From: kirkersvillewatchdog | December 26, 2009 | 882 views
Activities at the Licking County, Ohio Animal Shelter on September 4, 2009. Some of this “activity” by Warden/Director Jon Luzio, can be seen as you’re driving down the road! Get this abuse stopped by writing to Licking Co.Commissioners: tbubb@lcounty.com, dsmith@lcounty.com, bfeightner@lcounty.com

Luzio dragging a dog’s body to be burned.
From: kirkersvillewatchdog | September 22, 2009 | 76 views
Licking County Commissioners:
Tim Bubb (Ttbubb@lcounty.com)
Doug Smith (dsmith@lcounty.com)
Brad Feightner (bfeightner@lcounty.com)

Share with all your contacts.

Tell your friends and families.

Call or email the Media. Any Media, Local, Nationwide, World Wide Media.

And as you are reading this you do not even have to leave the room. You have the tools to do this right in front of you.

There was a great commercial years ago about… THE PHONE BOOK/NAMES AND NUMBERS/YELLOW PAGES etc
It said “Let your fingers do the walking!”

We are a Global Network. It is “YOU” who is the “ONE”, that can make the difference!

For all people, with any disabilities, poor of pocket but not poor of the heart, people with money who love and share. Translate the language for all Nations. Sign language for the death, be the eye’s for the blind. Speak for those who cannot read or wright. Communicate with your whole heart, body and soul.

Your message, from your heart, will be heard across the World! To bring an end, To The Gassing of all Animals. To close down these barbaric killing machines. The Gas Chambers. That are being used to kill our Pets, our companions, the wildlife who keep us all alive.

It is also killing the people who are trying to stop this, in so many ways! To put an end to all that is wrong…………..

I am just the witness, the messenger. I am just a Cockney rebel, rhyming slang, dirt under my nails and my hairs a mess, I cry,I hurt, am tired too but have stood my ground on this. I speak the Queen’s English in many accents. I love all life! I live in the USA. I love this whole world. And it scars the crap out of me too!. But we have to make a stand and lift up those who cannot. And in return they will up lift all others too. In the understanding, that we all have rights. We all have guardianship of this Earth. We are all shepherds of this Earth. This Earth, our home, has to be shared, for the love of all life. To protect the past the present and the future.

So, “THE ONE VOICE” you long to hear is, your voice which will be echoed by millions. Your voice will be be heard throughout the World!

God Bless America, God Bless the Whole World!

Happy New Year! This day, Friday January the first, 2010

Members, go rock this world………..it belongs to you!

God Bless you and be safe, always. With love to you all, always and forever

Carol Henderson


My letter to President Obama. Posted on the Discusion Board of the ‘WHITE HOUSE’ on Face Book . No time for a spell check on this one, becuse the animals can’t read

Dear Mr President,
There are still many States that are Gassing Animals with Carbon Monoxide. This is a painfull, horrific and slow death, depite what you may have heard or you may not even be aware of. This form of killing unwanted Pets,that have become a throw away item by millions of people, has to stop. For those people who are not of aware of how thier companions, there beloved best friend are being killed becuse they have been lied to is heart breaking to them , us and I am sure to you when you find out what is really going on. The majority of people cannot pay the outragous costs that many Vets are charging, to Euthanise . The cost is up to $80+ and more if it is after hours. This is a horrific tradgedy for the average person, the animals and this great country. Becaue they have been lied to. I will never call these places Shelters……….they are Pounds. They have not earned the respect of the meaning of the word Shelter. It is an insult to the millions of good Shelters across this great Nation. It is an insult to the millions of the good animals rescuers , who work in the trenches, with little to no money, who work tirelessly to end this. The wealth needs to be shared and not funneled to the big orginization. This will never solve the problem, it is not the solution, never has been and never will be.
So I am writting to you Mr President becaue we cannot as individuals stop this. We like you, have jobs, families, trying to live and take care for them and so many other things we do on a daily basis.
HSUS, supports the Gas Chambers
AVMA, supports the Gas Chambers
USDA will not licnece many States for pounds to use Sodium Pentobarbitol
NACA have the training for AC officers to go to Lethal Injection
OSHA Loop hole…….now the Manufacture’s of The Gas Chambers, have inspectors, some cheat and lie……..so that just tied the hands of OSHA
Manufacturers of The Gas Chamber’s………..one that I know of is owened by a DVM!
B Class dealers, who love these out of the way places, so they can cheat, steal people pets and many pets never even get into the front entrance of these pounds………..their ID”S are removed, they are either gassed or taken to reserch labs. This is illegal.
And there are a lot more in the mix of this , corruption, Pit Fighters etc.
Many people in these Gassing Pounds try to get then to change and if they speck out are threatened, told to leave and a lot worse than that too.
I worked here in Clovis NM and it happend to me. Governor Richardson signed into law HB 265 Prohibiting The Gassing Of Cats and Dogs, the ban went into effect on July 19th of this year 2009. I think he is a wonderful man and listened to what the people of New Mexico asked him to do.
Wildlife are also being killed in these Gas Chambers too and I totally undersatand that if that issue had been adressed it would have taken longer to get the Gassing Banned here. So it had to be addressed this way to advance to the next stage. However it is the animals that cannot wait for more debate, more negotations, more arguing about who is right or wrong.
So that is why I am writting to you. To ask you to bring an end to this atrocity that brings shame to this great country…….The United States of America.
Thank you for all that you are doing for this country in such a time of a Global crises.
My gratitude to you always,

God Bless you and your family
And here’s to a Happy New Year, for all that we love
Carol Henderson


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