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Dear God by Terry D. King

Posted by la reina de chanclas on January 15, 2010

Dear God,

God I don’t understand you put me here with unconditional love I thought the most intelligent of your creatures the humans would be the same way.
It all started the day they the people came to take me away; I didn’t want to leave my mom, but she sad I was going to a good home. I was sad, but the little boy seemed to love me and being so tiny I really didn’t have a choice. I arrived at my home and things started out well. The little boy play with me all the time, my belly was full, and I had a warm bed. Then my world fell apart. The little boy had something called a birthday and got this new toy called a play station. He spent all his time playing it and when I tried to play with him, he pushed me away. Stupid dog he would say. Then his parents yelled at him to feed me over and over. When he finally did he yelled at me for being so much trouble. Without warning he kicked me across the room. What did I do? All I ever did was love him, I gave him kisses when he got in trouble, and laid beside him on the bed as he cried.
God, I didn’t mean to pee on the carpet. I tried to tell everybody and I was ignored.
So now here I am tried to a tree and it so very hot. I’m starving and I haven’t been fed in days. The boy’s parents yell him to feed me and he says that he does, but I haven’t seen him in days. The Last time he fed me, he poured half the bag of food on the ground and said you better make it last. Then this big dog came out of the woods and started eating my food. I thought hey a new friend, but when I went over to greet him he knocked me to the ground and held me by the throat. I ran away yelping and watched as he devoured all my food. My water almost gone now and it taste funny because of the green stuff growing in the bottom. Maybe if I bark they will come to check on me. Well that just got me yelled at. So if I keep doing it maybe they will get the message. Nope now the human next door is fussing at my family about me barking. I would play with my ball, but I can’t reach it anymore. Here comes someone with my dad, he as a shiny tag on his shirt. I hear my dad saying that the boy just not ready for a pet and that this man can find me a new home. He just walks away.
The man put me in a cage in the back of the truck and drives away. We arrive at this brick building. When we go inside the smell is so awful, the barking dogs are so loud and now I’m scared to death. The dogs look so lonely and afraid. The nice man puts me in a cage and gives me food and water. Maybe this place is not so bad. Each day people come though and look at us. Sometimes they leave with a dog. Why don’t they pick me? I’m a good dog and would love to play with their children. Everyday the shelter workers come and take dogs to this room and they never come out. I hear people say that are putting them to sleep. That must mean that they are finally going somewhere to get some rest from all this barking. Here she comes, my friend that plays with me everyday. She says she sorry but my time is up. We go to the room where all my other friends disappeared. As she standing there holding me I feel her warm tears hitting my head and I look up and lick them from her face. The person she calls Doctor comes in and they place me on the table. The Doctor pulls up some pink stuff and the little girl olds my leg. The Dr. sticks me with the needle and puts the pink stuff in my leg. My little friend picks me up and goes and sits with me in the floor, crying uncontrollably now. As the room goes dark, the last words I hear are I’m sorry and you are going to a better place.
Where am I, the light is so bright. Is that you God? This is such a beautiful place. Where are we going? As we cross this bridge I see dogs everywhere running, playing and splashing in the cool creek. The cats are even playing with the dogs and there is no fighting. Then I see her my friend the pit bull, She looks so much better all her scars and sores are gone. She is so happy that she doesn’t have live as a bait dog anymore. Thank you God for saving her because she could never find a home after all she had been through. Is that my favorite ball? God, would it be all right if I go play now.
God said, “Yes my child you are finally home and you never have to worry about anything again.”
By: Terry D. King


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