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Kids in Nayarit Mexico sick pitbulls on street dog then beat it to death

Posted by la reina de chanclas on April 24, 2010

I know I’ve been avoiding posting for a while. I’m trying to stay positive, but there seems to come a post every now and then that makes my blood boil and this is the one that got me. I almost ignored the post, but I’m glad I didn’t because this is what keeps me focused on helping the animals. That being said, between us, I’d like to find these kids and do to them what they did to that poor dog. That dog never had a chance. And the real  kicker here? They posted the pictures and videos to facebook. I know there’s a line of people who want to get their hands on these kids. I hope and pray that there is justice for this poor dog. I can only imagine what these kids will be like as adults. Wife beaters? child molesters? Serial killers? Gang members? They are extremely violent and have no compassion for other living beings. I know the article and video are in spanish but let me just say if you have a weak heart please do not watch the video but please please please please sign this petition and share the link so others can be made aware as well. Let’s find justice for this poor helpless dog.

here’s the petition

here’s the news article and video link

This is the facebook link to a group seeking justice for the street dog Justicia Para Callejerito


5 Responses to “Kids in Nayarit Mexico sick pitbulls on street dog then beat it to death”

  1. Marie Anne said

    I don’t even want to see it. What is wrong with people? That poor dog 😦 I doubt the authorities can/will do much right?

    • la reina de chanclas said

      well considering the public uproar and protests that have happened and the ones that are planned soon I’m sure they will do something to make an example out of those kids because the public is demanding consequences. I’m sorry I watched the video. I’ve been sick to my stomach since I watched it. And mad as hell!

      • marie1976 said

        Well good, it’s good to know that. I may be wrong but i got the impression from others on the site that dogs aren’t really viewed like they are here.

      • la reina de chanclas said

        they’re not viewed there like they are here, but evidently there’s a movement going on and the people are trying to make others aware of animal abuse and find stricter punishment and trying to educate people. I think it’s a good thing that they are doing that. But I think it’s a really sad thing for all the street dogs that suffer due to the people not taking care of them and definitely for not spaying and neutering but I do know too that money and education are big issues.

  2. Nancy said

    This is one of the worst videos I have seen and really wish I would not have viewed it. Something more needs to be done and I, for one, have vowed not to visit Mexico until some sort of justice for this dog or animal cruelty laws are passed. I have seen street dogs down there and they are thin, but they were not abused, not like this. No creature deserves this nor should the humans responsible be let free. Their dogs should be taken away from them, too.

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